Holistic Healthcare Menu for Edibles

Holistic Healthcare Menu for Edibles

We have a number of mouth-watering edible products in the Holistic Healthcare menu available at the shop but, you can check them out on here. Our edible selection ranges from Chocolate Bars to Sugar for your coffee in the morning. Our products are always consistent and quality pre-packaged, ready to go. 

Edible Options

We have an amazing variety of edibles ranging from edible chocolate bars to edible sugars and a selection to surely impress. Check out a few of our edible options below and be sure to see the Full Menu.


100mg-350mg edibles

Our edibles range from 100mg-350mg


Pre-Packaged & Consistent

All products are consistent and profesionally made.


IncrEdibles Featured Brand

We offer a great selection of incrEdible Bars and products.

Black Cherry CBD Chocolate Bar

Holistic Healthcare Menu for Flower

Holistic Healthcare offers some of the best marijuana flower options for your medical needs. They offer some of the best medical marijuana flowers you can find in the Vail Valley. 

Medical Marijuana Options

We have an amazing selection of Medical Marijuana options here at Holistic Healthcare and some of the best Medical Marijuana in the Vail Valley. 


20+ Strains Available

A huge selection of quality strains that is as you may already know, always fresh from our personal grow.


Fresh Bud, Quality Nugs

Our nugs are consistently coming out looking great and staying dense.


A Range of Sativas, Hybrids, and Indicas

We offer a good variety of strains to meet your Medical needs, and your curiosity. 

Holistic Healthcare Menu for Concentrates

Holistic Healthcare has some amazing concentrates ranging from your Distinct Distillate to your everyday wax. 

Holistic Healthcare Menu for Concentrates

Top Concentrate Options

We have a great selection of concentrates here at Holistic Healthcare that range from our highly concentrated distillates, to our everyday waxes.


Offer 88% THC Distillate

We offer high quality distillate that has an amazing taste to it. 


Variety of Shatters

We offer Both Sativa and Indica Shatters to fill your dabitite. 


Shatter & Wax Deals

We offer some amazing wax and shatter deals, check them out at on our Special Deals page. 

Holistic Healthcare Menu for Medical Marijuana Topicals

We offer a variety of Medical Marijuana topicals including patches at Holistic Healthcare, perfect for your aches and pains.

Medical Marijuana Topical Options

We have a few topicals options at Holistic Healthcare to choose from that will surely help deal with your aches and pains.

CBD Patch

THC & CBD Patches

Donec at euismod nibh, eu bibendum.

Satvia, Hybrid, Indica

We have a few strain specific Patches for you to check out here at Holistics.


Transdermal Patches

A Transdermal patch allows the THC and CBD to seep into your skin. 

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