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Welcome to the official site for Holistic Healthcare Dispensary located along the Green Mile in Eagle-Vail, Colorado. You can find everything you may need for your next safety meeting here at Holistic Healthcare. We offer a great variety of Flower, Concentrates, Edibles, and Topicals. Check out our menus for pricing and find out when we are having our best deals by clicking the button below.

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Medical Only

There is often confusion between a Recreational Dispensary and a Medical Dispensary in the state of Colorado. We are a Medical Only Marijuana Dispensary meaning you must have a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card to purchase from us. Still unsure if you can shop here or not, you can find more information on the topic below.

Can I Shop here?

Holistic Healthcare Dispensary

Quick Look Menu from 2/16/18:


*All prices for Edibles, Flower, Joints, Concentrates, Topical Items, and Other Menu Items do not include tax*

* Flower *


Top Shelf:

Non Members:  $25 8th, $50 Quarter, $75 Half Oz, $150 Oz

Members:  $20 8th, $40 Quarter, $65 Half Oz, $125 Oz

California Orange (Sativa)

Lemonwheel (Sativa)

Blue Dream (Hybrid) 

Chem Dawg 4 (Hybrid)

Chem Jones (Hybrid)

Chewbacca (Hybrid)

Gorilla Glue (Hybrid)

Sour Diesel (Sativa Hybrid)

707 Headband (Indica)

Candy Kush (Indica Hybrid)

Grand Daddy Purple (Indica)

Rockstar Kush (Indica)

Sale Shelf:

Non Members: $20 8th, $40 Quarter, $65 Half Oz, $125 Oz

Members: $15 8th, $30 Quarter, $55 Half Oz, $110 Oz

Mothers Helper (Sativa)

 Critical Mass (Indica CBD)

Purple Urkle (Indica)

Watermelon (Indica)

Shake Sale on Select Strains:

Non Members:  $100 Oz

Members:  $85 Oz


 Strain Specific Joints – $6

Mother’s Helper (Sativa)

Candy Kush (Indica Hybrid)

Critical Mass (Indica CBD)

Gorilla Glue (Indica Hybrid)


Colorado’s Best Dabs Shatter – $25 mem, $30 nm

Colorado’s Best Dabs Wax –  $20 mem, $25 nm–Sold Out!

BAKKED Raw Distillate – $40 mem, $50 nm–Sold Out!!

Lab710 1000mg CBD Isolate $50 mem, $60 nm

Lab710 Shatter – $25 mem, $30 nm

RHS (S), Sunshine Daydream (SH), Clementine (S), Stars @ Midnight (I)

Lab710 500mg CBD Cartridges – $50 mem, $60 nm

CBD Strawberry Lemonade

O.Pen ISH 250 mg Cartridges w/ FREE Battery –$20 mem $25 nm

O.Pen ISH 500 mg Cartridges w/ FREE Battery –$40 mem $50 nm

Sativa * Hybrid * Indica

O.Pen Reserve 250 mg Cartridges w/ FREE Battery$30 m, $35 nm

* Sativa * Indica *


FLO Sugar Packets 100m – M: $15/ NM: 17.50

INCREDIBLES Boulder Bar 100mg –  M: $10/ NM: $12.50

INCREDIBLES Strawberry Crunch Bar 100mg – M: $10/ NM: $12.50 – Currently OUT OF STOCK!! 

INCREDIBLES Peanut Butter Buddha Bar 200mg – M: $15/NM $20 – Currently OUT OF STOCK!!

INCREDIBLES Monkey Bar 200mg – M: $15/NM: $20 – Currently OUT OF STOCK!!

INCREDIBLES Black Cherry Bar 200mg CBD/200mg THC – M: $35/ NM: $40 – Currently OUT OF STOCK!!

INCREDIBLES Mile High Mint Bar 300mg – M: $30/ NM: $35 – Currently OUT OF STOCK!!

INCREDIBLES Sour Gummies 300mg (Indica) – M: $20/ NM: $25

INCREDIBLES Sour Gummies 300mg (Sativa) – M: $20/ NM: $25 – Currently OUT OF STOCK!!

INCREDIBLES Affogato Espresso Bar 500mg – M: $35/ NM: $40 – Currently OUT OF STOCK!!


Holistic Healthcare Logo T’s:  $15


Roots RX Hitter/Chillum – $10

Creature Hitter/Chillum – $20

Creature Spoon Pipe – $25

Frit Sherlock – $25

Honey Nectar Straw – $15

Hand Dabber – $20

Glass Nail – $20

Blue Bong – $110

Rig – $110


Hash Pen – $40

BIC Lighter – $2

Papers – $2

Pen Battery – $20

Car Charger – $15

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Chewbacca: Hybrid

New Location

We have moved to a new location, 40690 U.S. 6, Suite D, Avon, Co, 81620, on the south western side of the famed “Green Mile”.  We have a lot of new stuff to share with you guys so we threw it all into a blog post to show you what to expect at our new shop! 

Story of Holistic

Holistic Healthcare is one of the first dispensaries in the Vail Valley and has been serving customers since 2009. Learn more about how Holistic Healthcare got to where it is today.





Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get Deals for becoming a Member?

Yes, you can check out your exclusive deals right here on the website, under each menu is the member pricing and non-member pricing for every item in the shop.

Can I shop here?

If you have a Medical Marijuana license from the state of Colorado you can shop at our store. Out-Of-State Medical Marijuana Licenses are unfortunately not accepted. If you are looking to get your medical marijuana license we recommend Healthy Choices in Eagle County. They will be happy to assist you in seeing if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana card.

How often do you have Special Deals?

We offer Special Deals quite often allowing members to take full advantage of our amazing deals. All of our Special Deals and Holiday Deals can all be found in our Special Deals Menu as well as our Facebook & Instagram Page. Go ahead, give us a like on our social media pages and get our exclusive deals daily!

Can I send a comment or recommendation in?

We love your comments and recommendations and encourage you to reach out to us whenever you would like to, we actually have a dedicated page to Contact Us anytime you want.  We also have a comment/suggestion box located in our waiting room! Feedback is alway welcome!